Alterschinweis FSK 18 - Entry Only For Adults!

Katya Zartpopsi:

Hello. I am Katy from a small town near Moscow. I turned 18 two weeks ago. This is a very exciting opportunity for me. I am a virgin and what shame is there in sharing this beautiful fact with the world? This is the first time I am posing without any clothes in front of others. Let me tell you I did not expect it to feel so natural.
I and my brother are the only children of our parents. My father and mother both work in a farm and I help in cooking and cleaning our house. Our home isn’t very big and I and my brother shared a room. Although I had a smaller bed to one side of the room, we often slept together
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Olivia Banderas

Hi, my name is Olivia Banderas and I’m from Italy. Grew up in an absolutely beautiful town called Sorrento. I enjoyed living there and I still do, because it’s located next to the sea. I really loved my family, especially my father because he had a yacht renting company and many many boats at the sea. I could always play there carefully and invite my friends to chill there and have some dinner with them. My mother was always out somewhere shopping or doing her nails and haircuts with her friends, sometimes even outside the country. I still loved both of them very much! Besides that I was attending the coolest school in the city called Sant’Anna and... Read more >>>

Olivia Banderas
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Varvara Krasa

Hello! There's nothing much to speak about today, because I grew up in a rather conservative family, and didn't have much else to do, but to focus on my studies and to not have much friends. I'm not even speaking about my relationships.. There were none, well, at least none that they know of, I mean my parents. I had to hide everything from them to the maximum level. I even bought two more phones, so to keep my friends and potential boyfriends as far away from them as possible. Turst it really works and I gotten to experience my first kisses this way too... Read more >>>
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Galinka Nagymellű

Hi, I’m Galinka and I’m back to lose my virginity her and now with lovely boyfriend! It didn’t really take much to convince him to do it! I think just like any other he dreamed of such a moment deep down in his mind and heart and knowing how much loves me, he could never refuse me in this! I’m really glad that this day has come and I’ll be doing it not with a pornstar or any guy, but with my love and I count as my own pornstar... Read more >>>

Galinka Nagymellu
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Angela Suchka

Today is the day when I lost my virginity and I will never forget nor regret this decision. At least now I will have more experiences in sexual questions. As I came to the studio, I was worried a bit, or even a lot, my heart was pounding and I had a feeling that something might can go sideways. But I calmed myself down and went in, Tommy was already there waiting for me, so I went directly to the shower. After that I had a cup of water and went in to the filing location. The producer had a nice talk with me and Tommy, but then Tom decided to go first as a real man and started kissing me... Read more >>>

Angela Suchka
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Lena's story

Nadya! Nadya! Nadya! I was sick to death of hearing the world revolving around Nadya at my school, especially since she lost her virginity last week to Tommy. Everybody at my school, well, just the girls, know of the Legend of The Virgin Whisperer and Tommy. They know that he is the expert one, the one to take your virginity respectfully and properly and that you can make a very nice stash of cash at the same time.
Other girls have boasted of his prowess and their experiences, but Nadya has gone too far this time. Not only is it the only conversation out of her mouth, but on whispered confidences, Tommy has decided to give up his job, for her! According to her, Tommy told her that she was the best he had ever
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Tieny Mieny:

I am an 18-year-old virgin from Moscow. I just turned 18 and this video shoot was kind of like my birthday present to myself. It was much more than what I had expected and I really enjoyed showing off my body and the freedom that comes with it!
I am a very sensuous girl with lot of erotic fantasies but externally, I keep myself looking the part of a serious university student. I am good at my studies and have been getting great grades throughout so there is no problems in keeping up that appearance
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Hortense Blanchet

Hi! I decided to come back a after a week of my initial casting, when I proving hat I’m a virgin and showed my hymen on camera and then me and the producer had spoken for quite sometime discussing my problems and ambitions about what I wanna do with my virginity and so I wanted to find a guy who would never in any way could resemble the picture of my family and make me remember anything about them! Most importantly he should be and atheist and from the looks, I’d love to see long hair, tattoos and find out that he has a huge dick! Well I got lucky! Because after the interview I decided to go visit and confront my parents about sex. They didn’t like it and we gotten into a huge argument with them! So I ran away and decided to go to a club where... Read more >>>

Hortense Blanchet
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Louise Roche

My name is Louise Roche, a simple Russian girl with extraordinary dreams. I'm a gymnast, or at least, I used to be. Every muscle in my body breathed gymnastics, every nerve vibrated to the rhythm of a world-class routine. The balance beam was my kingdom, and I ruled it with unparalleled grace and flexibility. The gym was my everything. It was where I met her, another gymnast, radiant and sparkling. There was a spark between us, something more than camaraderie. I was captivated, drawn to her like a moth to a flame... Read more >>>

Louise Roche
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Sima Rus

My name is Sima Rus. I was born in a small town called Ufa in Russia. Life here was always predictable, almost suffocating. I turned 18 last week, a milestone that brought with it the promise of freedom. Growing up, my parents were like shadows, always behind me. They monitored every aspect of my life. When I was six, I remember the first time I wanted to play at my friend Masha’s house after school. My mother said no. She said it was because I needed to study. At ten, when other kids were allowed to explore the town’s ice cream parlor, I was only allowed to go if one of my parents was with me. It wasn’t that they didn’t trust me... Read more >>>

Sima Rus
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Lara Rud

Hello! I’m here today, because I’m still a virgin and I really want to lose my virginity and this step is really important to me! You may wonder why.. Well, because I have went through some unpleasant things growing up and I really wanna overcome everything this way! To become stronger and not caring about others opinions. I thought it would be cool to come here and express all my feelings and emotions as well all the stories that happened to me in the school I went to and also I secret horny story of me and my friend, with whom I stopped speaking for years after a small accident. But for her it turned out to be a big deal for whatever reason... Read more >>>

Lara Rud
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Lee Bumblebee

Hi. This is my interesting story, from the past, that took a turn in my adult life.
In my younger days, when me and my family lived in one town, we had very great neighbor and my family became great friends with him. I think he was an actor of some sort, because he had a really cool house. Which I really enjoyed being at, it was very interesting and also it had an amazing, big, jacuzzi. My parents would go over to have some beers with him and have evening talks on the weekends, and they would always take me with. Whenever I used to get inside the jacuzzi, and swim in it and jump and have fun... Read more >>>

Lee Bumblebee
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Agata Gondoza:

Hi! I’m back after a month. Last time I left because after telling my childhood drama, I felt very exhausted from trying to remember it and I felt like I just have to leave and be on my own. But then I was thinking about it and I came to a conclusion that I do have to come here again and lose my virginity, and I can’t live my whole life being a virgin! Although I did tell the producer that I haven’t watched or read anything, but I did watch a porn video just to have an example of what could happen. I liked it it was also one of the reasons why I came here today... Read more >>>
Agata Gondoza
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Nina O`Neill:

Hi my name is Nina O`Neill. I am 18 years old, I have turn 18 not so long ago and today I am at the studio off losing my virginity with world famous Thomas Stone! I must be the luckiest girl in the world considering my past and where I am now and where my career lays ahead! I am from Ukraine I’ve lived my whole life there but it’s been pretty fun because as a Ukrainian I could travel without visa anywhere in Europe and that’s what I did most of the time and it was an amazing part of my life and... Read more >>>
Nina O`Neill
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Lili Petite

Hello everyone! My name is Lili and I’m 18 years old. Recently I started caring about myself more and more and decided that’s time for me to lose my virginity, but first I had to come to a casting and prove my virginity to the producers as well as to the viewers! It wasn’t the easiest, as I am very closed up and not really being open. Although I’m really trying on that! The reasons for this came from my past. As you can probably guess.. It came from the school I’ve been to.. I wasn’t the popular kid of school, in fact I was the most hated one and this has really taken a big part on my soul and heart and it made me the girl I am today! I don’t like my body, really care about the opinions of the others and... Read more >>>

Lili Petite
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Nina Winslet

Hello and welcome back! Today is the day when I am going to lose my virginity! I am super excited and I couldn’t wait for this moment to happen finally! Or did I it already happen? Well, by the time you’re reading this, it did and it was fantastic!
A veery handsome guy with muscles, good humour and with great enthusiasm took care of this and it was an absolutely fantastic experience and all the poses he showed me and taught me is truly satisfying and unforgettable! I did my casting with the studio, except
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Nina Winslet
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Jeanne Mathieu

Hello, my name is Jeanne Mathieu and I’m 18 years old since last Friday! I’m a Russian girl, living in the capital Moscow, in Moscow City. In the school I really hated a few girls because they have gone to this place I’m at today and lost their virginities with the best men they could dream of. Some girls were nasty not only in a conversation out of her mouth but showing off the whole time about going there and how cool they thought they were for doing that. One of them says that... Read more >>>

Jeanne Mathieu
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Lee Bumblebee defloration

Hi, today I will tell you how I lost my virginity, with my childhood neighbor, but many years later. I came to the studio, and did my casting first, where I told all of you, about my story. Then I actually got the chance to lose my virginity in the best possible ways! It was with an amazing dude, who used to be my neighbor, and even though he told me that it will be hard for him to do it, because he remembers me as a little girl, and now he will be the one popping my cherry. But I just went through with it and it was the best moment ever! We began kissing first... Read more >>>

Lee Bumblebee
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Liza Mon Chéri

Hello, I’m 18 years old.
I live in Russia and St. Petersburg. I have during the 18 not so long ago but I have some what I think critical life problems which let me to this amazing studio today! Don’t worry, I will tell you all about them! So first things first I grew up with my parents and I still live with them, but ever since I can remember myself I was always controlled by them and still am... Which means that my personal life got affected which a huge amount of overlooking from them. This bothered me... Read more >>>

Liza Mon Chéri
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Lena Joy

Hello there, my name is Lena. I'm a typical Russian girl from a tiny dot on the map, a place called Slobodskoy, lost in the northern expanses of our vast country. Life in this corner of the world is like an intricate ballet of snowflakes that twirl and whirl in the frosty air outside my window.
My parents, diligent as most Russian folks are, worked relentlessly, their sweat and toil devoted to ensuring our humble family had enough to eat. This left me with ample time to nurture my blooming curiosity and explore the world around me. Left to my devices, I discovered an all-consuming love for books. I would lose myself between the pages of these paper-bound realms, traveling to places I could only dream of visiting
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Lena Joy
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Sofia Merova

Hello, my name is Sofia Merova and I’m a 18 years old virgin, who came here for a casting to speak about herself and stayed for all the opportunities, but for that you’ll have to stick around and wait for all of it by time.
I grew up in a great family, where there was no family drama involved into my childhood, although later in life something did happen, but I’ll elaborate on it a bit later.. I have an older brother and he’s 5 years older than I am, we were always best friends and he would never let anyone hurt me or make fun of me and he would also take me to school on my early school grades
... Read more >>>

Sofia Merova
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Lili Petite - defloration

Hello, and welcome back to the best and foremost important day of my boring and melancholic life!.. Oh well.. Not anymore! I’ve been to casting and had my first time lesbian experience and now its time to see and feel what’s its like to have a huge cock inside your vagina! I really look forward it! Until I looked at my watch and realised that I had to rush to the studio and actually made it there in time somehow. I somehow was so fast that I made it before the actor and got to chance to relax a bit. We began kissing and I’m not sure if I ever kissed anyone... Read more >>>

Lili Petite
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Juliette Bellamy

Hi! My name is Juliette Bellamy and 18 years old. I live in Russia, from a town called Norilsk. Its a smaller town compared to all the other cities of Russia and pretty boring, there’s nothing to do here at all! Besides a few museums and galleries, you can’t even go anywhere else, unless if you grew up in a family like mine, who loves to go hiking, me excluded. Although it did make me have a good body now, specially my legs and ass. Plus skiing in winter is the fun you can add, even though, the weather drops to more than minus 30 degrees. I was often, or even always seeking for 2-3 weeks in the winter there and we used to take our friends with us, they a had girl of my age and it... Read more >>>

Juliette Bellamy
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Lena Joy - losing of virginity

Just like any other day would be in my life, I woke up at 8:00am, had my coffee and my vape at my balcony and then went to take a shower. While showering, I got horny and masturbated, which brought me shivers, cause I totally forgot that I have to be on set today at the studio, to lose my virginity, and I just had an orgasm in the shower.. I quickly got ready and called a cab to go there, came 30 minutes late.. they weren’t angry at me, cause this is an important day, and I told them that I was just very nervous and scared of it, that’s why I came later. The issue still stayed though, with my strong orgasm in shower at home... Read more >>>

Lena Joy
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Adley Poupée

Hi, my name is Adley Poupée. I’m 18 years old. My birthday was just last weekend. I live in St. Petersburg, but now I’m visiting Moscow for my first ever shooting, and my first time ever being naked on camera. As I said I’m from St. Petersburg and I grew up there, and never left the city in terms of moving to another place. We always lived in the same town, but not in one apartment. But even then we moved somewhere around our district, as my parents really loved the neighbourhood and it was absolutely safe for me to hangout outside alone or with friends. I never had a boyfriend... Read more >>>

Adley Poupee

Mimi la Mignonne

Hi. My name is Mimi la Mignonne. I’m 18 years old. I live in Russia, Moscow. While I was kid living in a good family, where I loved both my dad and mother.. My brother on the other hand always tried to get to me... Even while I was still a kid. I will elaborate just in a moment. Once me and my parents decided to go the sea for a vacation and we all went together of course.I planned to be an unforgettable trip, and it was, but sadly not in my favours. My goal was to speak to some guys at the beach to get some self confidence before school starts and so I could easily get a boyfriend! But the next day in the evening my brother and I are sleeping in one room and we even had to share a bed, he was older than me and knew how to kiss girls, how to touch them and so on... Read more >>>

Mimi la Mignonne

Aletta Ginart

Hi! My name is Aletta Ginart. Throughout the video and my story you could probably say that I am a very different virgin girl, but that is who I am and I will never change it nor anyone else will ever change this in me! I will just jump straight into my life passions and yes I will tell you if I dated or not and I have and every time it was a complete disaster for me and I hated everything about all those relationships! But first let me give you a background on me so you understand those problems... Read more >>>

Mimi la Mignonne

Manon Artek - the horny virgin:

All I want from life is love. I love myself, my body, everything and everyone. I love dancing. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Manon Artek. My mother is from the beautiful Mediterranean country of Spain and my Father is from a city called Győr in Hungary. We still visit there but our family has been living in Belgorod, Russia, for many years now. I am the girl you have to keep your eyes open for!
1999 was a great year! You know why? Because I was born…the most beautiful girl in Belgorod. My mom was always a beauty…a Spanish beauty and she taught me how to eat well, how to keep myself beautiful
... Read more >>>

Manon Artek virgin

Ilonka Csont:

Hi, I’m back surprisingly and I’m finally ready to say goodbye to my virginity! This overall experience is very unusual but could being joy now and in my future as well, but that’s not the case with me, at least not today. I’m not even sure if I will ever have sex again, perhaps.. I came to the studio and they kept the actor that I chose by the pictures as a secret to me, until the moment after we spoke again and she called him in. He was looking exactly like the guy imagined him to be. He came in dressed up in a blue expensive suit and looked in my eyes! I loved everything about him, but understood that size difference in us was huge, as I’m just a tiny petite virgin girl and he’s muscled up and huge looking... Read more >>>

Ilonka Csont virgin

Mila Utkina:

Hi! My name is Mila Utkina.
I`m 18 years old, I came from Moscow. I'd like to try out the modelling business. My female friend has been posing for a year and she really likes it. This year she`ll take part in a fashion show in Paris. That`s great! That's what I would love to try too! We often dream with her that someday we`ll have an opportunity to visit different countries. And someday we`ll walk on the catwalk in beautiful clothes...
Today is a very convenient case for me to start. Since this is not just casting. In addition, they'll pay me money because I'm a virgin
... Read more >>>

Mila Utkina virgin

Shura Tambov:

Hello. I am Shura from Vyatskoye village in Russia. You must have heard of my village. It is one of the prettiest in the whole of Russia! I love sitting by a hillock near a stream, watching tourists walking busily from one museum to another. I sometimes help out my father who is a guide and sometimes I help my grandmother in her fields. We are very poor and sometimes even my younger sisters have to work during the tourist season so that we have enough to eat in the off season... Read more >>>

Shura Tambov virgin

Agata Zezo:

Hi! My name is Agata Zezo and I’m 18 years old. Just turned 18 a few days ago. And I’m already here at this amazing erotic studio called Defloration and proving my virginity by showing my hymen on camera and doing something extra too. I grew up with a best friend and it is a girl, but we never did anything, so don’t think that it’s going to be another banal story of me fucking my best friend.. But maybe someone else yes.. You’ll have to wait to find out! This best friends of mine, she told me everything, she shared all her experiences in her life, and yes they are all and were all erotical... Read more >>>

Agata Zezo

Juliette Bellamy defloration:

Hi, my name is Juliette Bellamy. I am still 18 years old, and today me and my boyfriend decided to come to the shooting where we were invited for a few weeks now! Our relationship is stepping up a lot and we decided that it’s finally time to take the step and for me to lose my virginity and do it with the love of my life! So we arrived at the studio it wasn’t my first time here I already known the producer, my boyfriend didn’t feel shy or anything, we was pretty confident and he was rather to finally have his first sex with me. Don’t get me wrong he is already very experienced in this and I definitely know that I can trust him that it won’t hurt me because he knows what he’s doing! So after a little talk with the producer she told us she won’t disturb us and then we began kissing he started undressing me... Read more >>>

Juliette Bellamy defloration

Sole Sereno:

Hello, my name is Sole Sereno and I just turned 18 years old last Wednesday, but I am still a virgin! I consider myself a very hot teenage petite virgin babe! From the early age I was a very active girl, but my body wasn’t developing fast and my mind was going crazy, I just didn’t know what from.. At the age of seven already. Once I was surfing online in Twitter and found some girls posing there half naked and fully naked. I really liked it and decided to become a model myself once when I grow up. I then searched google for more and suddenly some porn sites came up and I didn’t know what it was, but got really wet suddenly between my legs and my panties became... Read more >>>

Sole Sereno virgin

Christy Tokareva:

She has arrived exactly for our shooting from Russia!
Like many other girls, she dreams about becoming a model. Her friend knew that she was a virgin, and recommended her our studio. She even had her first masturbation experience when she was at the age of 17! This has happened in a shower...
The pressure of water has touched her clit and she felt something unusual
... Read more >>>

Christy Tokareva virgin

Jeanne Mathieu defloration:

Hi and I am back to finally say goodbye to my virginity with the perfect guy as the studio promised me to find one and this man has come today to do so with me. He is a professional actor that the studio has provided me with and he must do everything as smooth as it possibly can get and that nothing will hurt me today although it can get a bit unpleasant! We both arrived at the same time to the studio and we spoke and had a cup of coffee with lots of milk, then we went to the bed and after just a few sentences he kissed me on my lips and kissed him and it was really joyful! He began undressing me by taking my t-shirt off and I didn’t want to stop, although he was going a bit fast, but I'm not a shy girl so I let him do what he does best! He kissed me a few more times and it was a passionate tongue kissing for a long time, what felt like forever... Read more >>>

Jeanne Mathieu losing of virginity

Dora Matrasova:

Hi. I'm Dora. I arrived here to your casting from Belarus.
I am studying in a college to become an art critic. In my free time I do dancing. Ever since I was 16, my dream was to become a model, but my parents were against that. They said that all models are prostitutes. Now I turned 18 and can decide for myself what to do. All my female friends say that my figure is amazing and that I should become a model. That's how I decided to do it. I even found this amazing website where they pay very good money if you're still a virgin. By the way my friends even say that my hymen is supposed to become a model. There's a funny story to that. My and my two best friends were talking on Skype about boys, sex... Read more >>>

Dora Matrasova virgin

Hlamida Manada:

Hi, I’m back here at the studio lose my virginity today! The best opportunity that I will have, because they have allowed me to choose my own actor and I chose the best and the cutest I could find and his dick size was also perfect for me. He was a bald and handsome guy. Exactly the type that I would date and once I came in to the room and sat down on the bed with him. I wasn’t really afraid of what’s about to happen to honestly, I had nice and comforting feeling in the studio and the producer was cool and the actor was looking at me with a smile. We began kissing and then pulled down my dress and kissed my tits and I loved the feeling. He was also kissing my neck and... Read more >>>

Samanta Grom:

Hi, my name is Samanta Grom. I’m 18 years old, a virgin, and today I’m having my first ever casting. Where I got naked for the first time in front of someone and also masturbated until an orgasm.
My life isn’t really that much interesting, because ever since I was kid, I didn’t really want to hangout in big friends circles or attend any parties or even school events. I always enjoyed being alone and do what I love doing best and that is drawing, but also taking pictures. Once I got a bit older my father got me my very first camera and it was a canon 50D, I was feeling as the happiest kid in the world to have such a camera. Then I started making friends and they were all girls who also enjoyed doing pictures. Then we decided to make a competition and print the pictures to make an exhibition in my fathers photo studio in Moscow
... Read more >>>

Nastya Kalinina:

Hi, I am ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Natsya. I am from Moscow, Russia. I am 18 years old and a virgin! Leave alone a photo shoot, this is the first time I have undressed in front of anyone. And the thing is I love my body…I love to show it off! I am finding it so erotic to be in front of the camera today, revealing myself in front of the camera, to touch myself openly, in front of the producer just as I do locked inside my bathroom.
My mother is an ogre! I am saying that in public because she is. She follows me everywhere. She keeps an eye on my Facebook account, Instagram, chats, when I go out with my friends. It feels horrible. I am 18 and I still live with her because she wouldn’t let me leave her
... Read more >>>

Nastya Kalinina virgin

Helen Flingston:

Hello, my name is Helen and I am just 18 years old. My family lives on a farm outside of Budapest and I am just finishing my final school year. I have a mother and a father and a very protective older brother. Oh, and a boyfriend, too.
I work hard on the farm to help my mother and father and my days are very busy. Money is very tight, so we all work together and our life is good. I get up very early each day and my brother and I do the chores to start the day. Then I go to school and study hard and when I get home, there is still much work to be done in the house. There is little time for fun in my life and what free time I have I spend in the company of my family and my boyfriend.
Last week we went to the Cinema and
... Read more >>>

Guzy Cabrera:

Hey there! It’s so good to be here you can’t just imagine it, you will have to live through it with me.  My name is Guzy Cabrera and I am 18 years old since yesterday! I love modelling and I am a professional model in real life. But today's shooting was something else. I was always a shy girl. My parents are the sweetest, they thought their daughter was an angel, but sometimes I was a real devil... I am from Russia, Omsk. But just a month ago I moved to Moscow and now I have a difficult new life where I have to go to university and study law as well as live with the life flow of this town and for that I really need to start making more money now!! I work now as a professional model, and I think that I’m already famous at least in Omsk and will be soon in Moscow too... Read more >>>

Guzy Cabrera virgin massage

Ella Abras:

Hello everyone, my story is not as fun as everyone else’s, because my childhood was very competed to say the least… I didn’t grow up in a loving family with loving siblings.. I grew up in foster homes and the families that were accepting me, were also as quickly giving me back. So this has completely traumatized my childhood and so affected my entire life as well. It is close to impossible for me to go into relationships, because I have a strong fear or being left behind at one point. And I could never commit to any of which I tried to have... Read more >>>

Nagyarc Szilvia:

Hello. My name is Szilvia. I am 18 years old and a virgin from Moscow. I am extremely excited and happy after a long time. It has been my dream to be a model and show off my beautiful body and today, has given me the chance to do just that! It was an erotic and sensuous experience…just magical for me.
My father had left me and my mother when I was very little and my mother raised me on her own. She is a talented artist and tourists come to get their portraits drawn. My teenage body had always fascinated me and I love to touch myself, and come every time! I would really like my mom to paint me but she doesn’t ever have the time and a couple of times when I asked, she says that I do not need to draw more attention to my body
... Read more >>>

Szilvia Nagyarc virgin massage

Amy Clark:

Hi. My name is Amy Clark and I am 18 years old. Living in Russian, in Moscow. I’m a really sexual girl and always was like this. I was I guess around 5 when I found out what sex was and since then I wanted to have sex both with guys and girls. So I wasn’t really picky on who ever would be that first lucky guy or girl with me. I have an amazing body and I know that. Anyone would want to have sex with me. Even I want myself all the time. If someone asks me about porn, oh well, watched so much that I most probably know all the pornstars and all the poses as well as all the categories... Read more >>>

Anna Klavkina:

I'm from Hungary. I'm 18 years old and believe or not I'm still a virgin. My girlfriends say, that I'll stay a virgin until I get old and will never experience the feeling of a cock entering my mouth and pussy as well as my butt, because I'm too shy and afraid to go out with guys. They're right about it, when they tell me so.. That’s how I made my self thinking of it all because of them. I was raised by my grandparents. Almost my entire life I spent growing up in a smaller town. My mother is an artist and is always gone painting some art pieces in her studio. That's why for me my grandma has replaced my mother. I have always missed her, but with time I got used to it...
But around a year my life has turned sideways after my grandmothers death... So I moved back into with my mom. By then I was already 17, and it was alright to stay home alone, when she was away. My mom at one point has cancelled all her appointments
... Read more >>>

Nina Lizalaks:

Hi! My name is Nina. Im 18 years old school student. And yes, I'm still a virgin. I came to the casting, not only to break up with my virginity, but also because I want to tell my story. Perhaps my story will help young girls avoid such unpleasant situations that I have experienced. My first sexual experience wasn't quite normal. I was very young then. I was walking home after school. I was always going home through the park because it's the shortest way. Suddenly an unfamiliar man approached me. He was much older than me. But I immediately noted that he was very attractive. He had large brown eyes and tidy dark hair. And he was also very tall. He seemed like a giant to a little me. He smiled at me and asked me which school I was in. At first, I was scared that some stranger was trying to have a conversation with me. But he looked kind and I thought he was good and that I might not be afraid of him. We started talking about school, he told me a couple of funny stories about how he had fun at school with his friends and something else... Read more >>>

Frosya Baklanova:

Hello! My name is Frosya and I just turned 18 years old and I’m a very shy girl. I like being alone and spend time alone too. I have only dated Ione guy till now and the reason being for this, is me walking home one time from school and it was really late at night and I was walking home through another route and not the one I always took before. I was walking with music playing loud in my earphones, but one of them was almost broken and I could easily hear the outside world, it was helpful for not getting robbed or hit by a car at one point. And so I was taking the walk and then I heard someone screaming really really loud and I rushed there to see on what was going on and this was located behind some houses with their outside garages. By the way I live in Russia, Perm. It’s a small provincial city... Read more >>>

Enzio Ricci:

Hey there! It’s so good to be here you can’t imagine. I love modeling and am a professional model. This was something else though. I feel excited, and Alive! And Sergey spoke about Tommy too so that’s another adventure that I am waiting for…but I am moving ahead of my story…
I was always a bad girl. I mean I don’t kill people or anything like that but you know what I mean! My parents are the sweetest darlings and they thought
... Read more >>>


Preevyet! I am Jessica from St. Petersburg. I was the only child and my parents wanted the best for me. They are both teachers and as a family we are very polite, well read and frankly speaking, very boring. I was not allowed to listen to music of my choice, was forced to study hard, to attend skating practice every weekend and of course dance school. I was a talkative child and did not hesitate in making friends. I hated staying at home and making polite conversations... Read more >>>

Amy Clark defloration:

Hi. Like I mentioned before, I got the chance to meet actor of my dreams, right after my first time casting at the studio of Defloration. Where honestly I stayed with till now and will stay more. I love their production and they way they are with models, like me for example, I have total freedom and I can just be me. My actor for today is the most experienced actor in the world, some might disagree and say it should be Thomas Stone, but for me this one is the best one! Anyways, I chose him also because he has a huge cock and I love that... Read more >>>

Arina Sunflower:

Hello. I am not new to I have already done my solo casting video here. I am 18 years old and have come a long way from my home that is in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. I do not trust boys and the producer arranged my virginity to be taken by a girl! I was amazed that this could be done and it was a once in a lifetime experience that is very special for me.
I have been poor all my life
... Read more >>>

Arina Sunflower virgin

Louise Roche - losing of virginity:

I had I difficult past, but I did what I did to recover from it and move to this day and today I lost my virginity and it was absolutely insane! Too bad you weren’t there to witness it all with your own eyes! Honestly it was all great, except that, you know I’m a gymnast and I really wanted to have my first experience with acrobatic positions, but sadly the guy I was fucking with, didn’t share the same beliefs, and I only managed to go raise and spread my legs a couple of times sadly! Nonetheless... Read more >>>

Louise Roche virgin

Nevet Nikolet:

I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m 18 years old and I’m really a virgin.
I got to this casting in a very interesting way. My friends are not hymens anymore, and they said that they gonna make me a surprise. They took me to a studio where they work with virgins only, and literally pulled me into this.. I had no idea where am I.. First I was in a shock, but then they told me how much money I will get if I prove my virginity. And that they don’t trust me neither. It was a funny mood, so I agreed to it. Strange things are happening in my life. I was never ever nude in front of any guy or girls before. But at this moment my shyness has just disappeared. I have a boyfriend and... Read more >>>

Nevet Nikolet defloration:

Hello, I am back to finally lose my virginity with the perfect guy besides my boyfriend! I chose him, because he reminds me of my boyfriend and it will ease up the situation today. I really wanted to give my virginity away to an experienced man, and my boyfriend does not qualify as one for this job. I came to the studio today and met him before the shooting and we spoke a bit and then followed to the bedroom, where it all happened. I talked with the producer and then she made the official introduction of us and we started to make out with him, meanwhile he was undressing me starting with my blouse and down.. I enjoyed it and didn’t want him to stop and then kissed my tits and neck and wit his other hand masturbating my virgin pussy... Read more >>>

Maria Stupor:

I am what many would call a bad girl. I am not bad actually but just curious about my body. I love my body. I am 18 years old and a virgin from St. Petersburg, Russia. finally chose me after I sent my application for the third time. I was excited and thrilled to be part of it all. Sergey was such a great photographer and I had seen his work earlier so I was stunned when I saw that he was there. I hope you like the video.
It was five years ago that I learnt that my body can give me pleasure. Once, after school
... Read more >>>

Mashka Singer:

A month ago I turned 18. My friend, Tasha, gave me a surprise. She told me I too can become a model and gave me the information for my shoot. Being a very shy girl and a virgin, this is a big step for me. Today, it’s a bit too exciting for me and I am a little nervous because it is the first time I tried to do something bold.
It is my friend actually who
... Read more >>>

Tara Sabirova:

Hi! My name is Tara, I recently turned 18 years old. I'm still a virgin and I'm gonna preserve my virginity for my boyfriend. We have been dating for more than one year. He is very conservative and adheres to the old views that young people should start having sex only after the wedding. I'm old enough and I know enough about sex. And what I know, I really like and I'm very interested in it. I have long wanted to say goodbye to my virginity and finally try this fascinating activity for real and in full force. But on the other hand, I really strongly love my boyfriend and for his sake and for our love, I'm ready to wait as long as it takes. However... Read more >>>

Gadky Utenok:

I am an 18-year-old gymnast from St Petersburg. Right now, however, the only thing on my mind is S-X! I am too shy to actually go ahead and meet a guy on my own but that is all I think of at night and during the day. Last week, I got the perfect opportunity, a stepping stone to my dream of a career as a porn star.
I approached Sergey, the producer of, for help. How do I lose my virginity
... Read more >>>

Frosya Baklanova defloration:

Well, it seems that this studio has given me all the support and joy that I needed and of course confidence as well to return and enjoy myself for the final time! Although I wasn’t so sure that I will enjoy myself, but yes I really did at the end of the day. I came to the studio being vey happy but also scared and excited and it turned out to be painful at first, especially after everything started to passionately and tasty and I was really going at his high cock and sucking him off like there was no tomorrow! Of course... Read more >>>

Natasha Bénie:

Hi, my name is Natasha Bénie and I’m 18 years old! I grew up in Russia, Moscow. I always loved to travel around and try all types of different national clothes of all countries I’ve been to. My dad had his own business and my mother was always helping him with it. So, technically my parents never had to ask anyone for a certain vacation time and we could just travel around at any time of the year, with a few laptops and that’s all! I loved this about my family. And I was very grateful not only this, but for two more things.. One was that my was awaiting another baby and it was supposed to be a girl, so I could have a younger sister to look out to. The second is that the business was going very well and we were living in a house with a huge garden and even had a small lake with a bridge on it. On my 9th birthday I got a very interesting surprise.. My parents brought me a box and when I was about to open it, it started to move around and I got a bit scared. Once I got enough courage to open it and little dog jumped out and it was my most favourite dog ever! It was a three months old Jack Russel! So... Read more >>>

Glasha Belkina:

Thank you! I want to become a model or to be in films but till now I was too shy to do anything like this. I am 18 and I am a virgin. My name is Glasha and I am from Pushkin, near St Petersburg (Russia). My village is beautiful and many tourists come here but I would do anything to be able to go out and see the world.
Usually in school, I was very shy and would not talk much. But I love basketball and on the court I became a different person. We had a good basketball team and we have been to Moscow
... Read more >>>

Lucy Blond:

I am blond, innocent and 18 years old. I am also a virgin. As many other girls, I want to become a professional model and I am willing to work hard for it. This was my first video shoot and I am grateful to for giving me the chance.
I stay alone in Moscow as I had come away from my family a long time ago. My parents are still there in our village, about five hours from here. We are four girls
... Read more >>>

Ilonka Csont:

I'm 18 years old and I from Russia. It is going to be my first time to pose nude in front of a camera. For me it's a big shock, but I have to get through it. I'm very emotionally shy. My girl-friend is a psychologist, and she says that I have to changed it drastically. I have found a studio called where they have invited virgins for a naked posing. I have thought, that it would be an amazing start for my change. In addition I always wanted to become a model like other girls did... Read more >>>

Helen Goland:

Hello everyone! Today is my second day at the studio I am very glad that I could join for a second shooting it is probably because I am so unbelievably beautiful and perfect that the producer decided that I should have a second chance and come here to the studio for basically a sex video but not just any where is my first time sex and yes I am losing my virginity here at this amazing studio! Not just with anybody the one and only the most professional actor whose name is Thomas Stone and I cannot be more amazed to be so lucky to lose my virginity with this guy! first I was a little nervous when I came in but also happy... Read more >>>

Mona Bregvadze:

During my casting video, I told the producer about my dreams of Tommy and that I wanted to be deflowered by him. I was not just ready, I was eager. When I got to know that I would be paid too, it was like an extra bonus. I would be able to help out my parents. I would also be able to travel abroad. The money I earn from my dance was very little.
For the past few years, I had dreamed of Tommy. As I go off to sleep, I would imagine his big cock entering me
... Read more >>>

Olivia Cassi

Hi again, I’m back and I’m ready to introduce myself to more pleasure! After losing my virginity here, my sexual life became really wild and I became very very sex loving and all I do with my boyfriend is having sex daily and sucking him off too! All that is thanks to and the opportunity they gave me to break up with my hymen. I’m probably one of many other girls who really enjoys the pleasure of having sex and that’s how I’m back here and ready to say goodbye to my anal virginity! This time I got really excited, specially that I’m going to do it with the same guy and I love him! We sat down a bit on the bed and talked and then started to kiss and touch each-other... Read more >>>

Olivia Cassi

Julia Lepenyhal:

My name is Julia Lepenyhal. I live in a town called Voronezh in Russia. I'm from a very strict family. My mother and father are doctors. My dad is a surgeon and my mom is gynecologist. My entire life they were keeping me safe and my mom used to tell me all the time how to behave myself with boys, and that I should never stay with them one on one. But the destiny always turned in a way were I always stayed one on one with them.. They always tried to take my panties off... Read more >>>

Tina la Farfalla

Hi! I’m very excited to be here today. My name is Tina la Farfalla and I’m still a virgin. Although you might get a different expression of me, once you watch the video or read everything I have to say here today and about my life in general. Or how I fell in love and still am with him and how romantic it was and so much fun till now! I grew up in an amazing family, with no siblings and I like that because I never had to share anything with anyone. But maybe if I’d have someone it would be different. Honestly I don’t care and it’s fine with me this way. I was very fast growing kid... Read more >>>

Masha Johansson:

Hey there! This is Masha from Ufa, Russia. I turned 18 just two days ago! This is all so exciting for me. I have always wanted to get out of frigid Ufa and now I think I have managed to do just that! Soon, you will see me as a professional model.
Well, what do I tell you about myself? My story is probably a bit boring. I come from a place that is very, very cold. I hate it. My father works as an assistant to a scientist in a university here. I stay with him. He is so absent minded that sometimes he forgets I am there. I like it this way as I can mostly do what I want to without anyone interfering. My mother no longer stays with us
... Read more >>>

Natasha Tutu:

My name is Natasha Tutu. I live in a town called Sopron in Hungary. I'm from a very strict family. My mother and father are bankers. My dad is the main manager and my mom is a secretary there at his office. I’m pretty sure from all the movies I have seen that there's something going on there in their free time and that’s why he has an option installed on his windows where he could easily tint them and fuck her on the table and cum all over her. How do I know that? Well, I saw them doing that once... Read more >>>

Manya Churikova and Gala Buhalo:

Hello! I am Manya from Ukraine. Thanks to, I am here in front of you. I come from Ukraine, and am eager to become a model. I want both fame and money. This is my first step and I hope you enjoy my video. I was asked to write my story. Well, I am just an ordinary girl but I want to reach the stars and do so many things, For now, my dreams are simple: to be a model and to make a name so that producers look for me... Read more >>>

Cili Kocsonya:

I have saved my virginity until now, because my mother used to say, that only respectable girls do so in life. She said that only prostitutes lose their virginity before the age of 18. That I should keep myself to the one and only man, with whom I will fell in love with. Thereby I kept myself for the “one”. Until now I haven't met anyone like him yet. It's very hard in our time to do so. At the same time I see my girl-friends going out with boys, they're having sex and not like prostitutes at all. This has changed my mind with time... Read more >>>

Mila de Armas:

Hi. My name is Mila.
I'm from Russian. I'm 18 years old and I'm still a virgin. My girlfriends say, that I'll stay a virgin until I get old, because I'm too shy and afraid to go out with guys. They're right about it, when they tell me so.. I was raised by my grandmother. Almost my entire life I spent growing up in a village. My mother is a scientist and is always gone on her business trips. That's for me my grandma has replaced my mother. I have always missed her, but with time got used to it...
But around a year my life has turned sideways
... Read more >>>

Victoria Nedveshlyuk:

Hello, I am Victoria. I am an 18-year-old virgin from St Petersburg. I am studying to be a veterinarian. There is not much to tell about me. Nothing very out of the ordinary had happened in my life till now but it is all changing. Suddenly I find myself in the middle of excitement! I had a nude photo shoot and I am about to lose my virginity... Read more >>>

Mila Lukoshkina:

Hi. My name is Mila Lukoshkina. I'm from Belarus. Perhaps you already know that the rules in my country are very strict, and making of any erotic production is strictly prohibited. That's why with barely any posing experience I arrived to Hungary. Not so long ago I became 18 and now I feel total freedom. First thing I thought of is that now I can legally have sex :-) I always speak about sex with my girl-friends and watch porn sites in the evening. At first it looked all weird and unusual, but... Read more >>>

Mila Lukoshkina defloration:

Hi and welcome back to the day when I lose my virginity with a tall handsome man with big muscles and a big cock! I was really preparing a lot to this day and I wasn’t disappointed in the outcome of it. I got an invitation as I said so in my sexual secrets life story in the previous story from Defloration studio asking if I still want to lose my virginity and if so they have the perfect actor for me... Read more >>>

Gwyneth Petrova

Hi, I am Gwyneth from Moscow. It has been over two years since I have come to the University here right after my high school. From the small lazy town near the city, suddenly I was exposed to the big city. My story is perhaps the story of many girls around the world. I am suddenly 18, an adult, yet I do not know what to do with my life. Perhaps, now I am a bit more aware of where I want to go.
My father is an engineer and my mother a teacher. Both my father and I love reading and I grew up among books. From my mother I also learned
... Read more >>>

Nika Buta:

Hi, my name is Nika. I`m from Kiev. I`m 18 years old and I`m still a virgin. I kept my virginity because my mom has been protecting me from guys since I was a kid. I understand her. But now it can`t stop me anymore. My mom said me that before I decide to have sex, I have to introduce her to this guy. I remember one very awkward scene in my life. I came from school, locked myself in my room, and I started to watch erotic video on my computer. My hand was in my underpants and I was... Read more >>>


Hi everyone, my name is Annet, I’m 18 years old and I’m a very open minded brunette teenage girl with big tits. My parents are both teachers and as a family we are very polite, well read. They were working in the politics their whole lives and wanted only the best for me. I was forced to study hard and had may to much after school classes at home as well, I had to attend skating practice every weekend and of course ballet school. I was a talkative child and did not hesitate in making friends which loved very much, hopefully not for being the politicians daughter. I hated staying at home and making polite conversations with my parents. I love being outdoors and used to spend most of my holidays riding bikes with my friends, and then... Read more >>>

Zoya Glotka

A virgin sexoholic.
Zoya! That’s my name. I love to play with myself, I love to entice you. Am I erotic or what? You judge for yourself! I am 18 now. Still a virgin and sizzling hot. I burn myself when I touch my body…what will happen to you? See my video at to judge for yourself.
My story is not a very happy one. I was born in a suburb near St. Petersburg. My father had passed away when I was six years old and it was my mother who brought me and my brother up. She worked as a cleaning lady in the school we studied in. She would leave home while it was still dark and I would fix breakfast for my brother and myself and
... Read more >>>

Abel Rugolmaskina

Let me introduce myself. I am Abel from Moscow. I am an 18-year-old virgin and I had the most precious experience in the world yesterday. I did not even know that I could feel such sensations. I had my first orgasm during my solo video shoot!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I am the only girl in a family with three elder brothers. My dad owns a garage and my brothers are all professional motorcyclists. My mother is a full time home maker who is always busy with the house. None of my brothers are married and I really wish I had more female company in home while growing up
... Read more >>>

Jessica Mazury!

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am no longer a virgin! I say that with great pride because I saved my virginity for my boyfriend and he was worth it.
First, I tell you a little bit about me. When I was a child, you would have called me a "tom-boy". I was all girl, but I wasn't into frilly things or playing with dolls. I dressed like a boy in jeans and t-shirts and I loved playing outside chasing lizards and participating in sports. I didn't have many girl friends, but I had a lot of boy friends and I had so much more fun with the boys than I could have ever imagined with the girls.
The summer I turned 12, everything went wrong. First, I began to menstruate. I was so ashamed. I did not want any of the boys I knew to know of my shame. I could not hide the bulky pads under my jeans and had to wear dresses when I had my period. The boys I played with, began to make fun of me and the girls I never had played with made fun of me also. I grew six inches taller that summer, too; so tall that my bones in my legs hurt and between that and cramps, I was in constant pain
... Read more >>>

Rita Mochalkina

Hi, my name is Rita. I live in Moscow and I just turned 18. Today was a big day for me! It was not only the day someone saw me completely naked for the first time but I also got a huge proposal that could change my life. But first things first!
Unlike other girls dreaming of boyfriends and sex, I grew up with the ambition of traveling around the world. Every day as I travelled to and from school, I would see gorgeous tourists roaming around. This fascinated me. They behaved with gay abundance, giggling, taking pictures and always dressed in beautiful clothes. I was the only child at home and both my parents were working. As I was alone at home very often, I asked my parents for a camera. Soon I got quite a reputation for myself as a photographer. Taking my cycle, I would go to the tourist spots, taking random pictures. My group of five friends came around to pose for me and sometimes we would go to Red Square and start posing, taking pictures of each other. We had great fun. It was only when I was 16 that I realized I looked good in photographs myself
... Read more >>>

Little Picsa:

Hi. I am Little Picsa, I’m from Russia. I became 18 not so long ago.
I am still a virgin.
Today is my first modelling experience. I have a boyfriend, we have sex in a light form without penetration. I’m doing him blowjobs and he’s licking my pussy.. When his tongue is touching my hymen, my whole body is trembling and I imagine, how awesome it would be for his tongue to enter my pussy entirely.. Of course he wants to put his dick inside, and that happens every time, but I’m never letting him to do so. I’m afraid and sad to say goodbye to my virginity... Read more >>>

Rita Ulyanova

I grew up in a very poor section of Moscow. The fair weather lasted too long and the winters lasted even longer. We were always cold; always hungry; always in need of something.
Both of my parents worked very hard and still we suffered from great want.
While we didn't have much, our lives were full of love and great passion. For entertainment we made up stories at night in the dark of our apartment because we could not always afford electricity. My mother was creative with scraps she would scrounge for that others had thrown away and we ate with great relish for the feast she would prepare.
My mother was brilliant and she taught me how to read and while we could not afford instruments, she taught me everything she knew about the beauty of music. My father was also brilliant and he taught me of math and science.
If it weren't so apparent of our great wants and needs, I probably would never have thought us to be poor, but there were great differences between me and the other children at school and the older I got, the more painful our poverty became.
So, when I read about the woman who sold her virginity
... Read more >>>

Nara Mongolka

Most girls don’t know what they want to be. But I am not any other girl. I am hot. I am sizzling. I am bold. I have always wanted to be a model from ever since I was a little girl. But not just any model… I want to be the most erotic model… I want to be a porn star! I am 18 years old, a virgin but ready to turn your world upside down… are YOU ready for me?
My name is Nara Mongolka and I come from Sochi, a beautiful seaside resort in Russia. Ever since I was a small child, I would run down to the beach as soon as school was over or in the morning after breakfast on weekends. My mother was the waitress in one of the restaurants near a beach. The owner, Alexei, was a distant relation of ours. My father had run away immediately after he knew my mom was pregnant and I do not know who he is or was
... Read more >>>

Galina Kabachok

My solo shoot gave me a new direction. I never imagined that I could take off my clothes in front of the camera but I could… erotic modeling is something that really turns me on. I got in touch with the producer in and he suggested that as a first step I can lose my virginity in the studio under camera. I was stunned. Can I do it? I will have my body touched by a man for the first time…and it will be a stranger…and in front of others! It would need a lot of courage. I can pose erotically like an expert but I am ashamed to say that... Read more >>>

Polina Temyanova:

I love modeling, I love my body. I love the way my virgin nipples react when my hand moves up and rubs my tits. Hello, I am Polina. Welcome to my world. This is my escape, the imaginary paradise I escape to when I feel very low. I was nervous before my solo video but now I am so happy that I did it. I waited for so long for this and as soon as my 18th birthday was over, I went in for it! Even though my boyfriend hated it when I wanted to... Read more >>>

Lisa Tutoha:

Hi, I’m 18 years old, still a virgin and my name is Lisa Tutoha. I’m from Russia, Lipetsk. Came here today to the studio to prove my virginity and pose naked on camera as well as masturbate and show the world how I masturbate! My sexual life activity started soon as I turned 5 and maybe someone count it in, but this was my last year in the kindergarten and I really liked a boy there, who once came up to me while I was trying to fall asleep during lunchtime and kissed me on the lips and touched my tits, although I barely had them at all then… I didn’t know what was going on and especially got scared and creeped out once his tongue was inside my mouth and he was moving it there. So I screamed and he ran away, I told the teachers and reported him to his parents and he had to change kindergarten for his actions as it wasn’t acceptable. After this I wasn’t gonna date any boy at all... Read more >>>

Anna Derevjanko - defloration

Hello, Before I get too into my story, I want to thank all of you who have watched my video at and for your support of this site. I am indebted to both Tommy and the producer and photographer at for taking my virginity and providing me with a sound foundation for my career in the adult entertainment industry.
I am now 22 years old and it has been an adventurous four years since Tommy took my virginity and I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Tommy again. He is a very, very nice man and even though most of our work is scripted,he manages to make the fuck amazing.
... Read more >>>

Ava Gardon

Hello! I am Ava from St. Petersburg, Russia. I thought I had experienced a lot of embarrassment and sacrifice in my life but today was a really awkward day for me. It wasn’t the first time I masturbated but I lied as there was the most annoying female asking me all kinds of stupid questions. Did it give me pleasure? Hmmm. I probably got as much pleasure as I get by brushing my teeth but it did give me something to think about when I now touch my virgin pussy! But it made me suddenly excited and wanting to discover more!
As most little girls in my city and country, I have the dream of becoming a ballerina
... Read more >>>

Greta Polack

When Greta came to our studio for the first time, she definitely refused to lose her virginity before our camera but later she agreed to make... Read more >>> it with her boyfriend and we've managed to shoot an amasing defloration video. We recommended him to take a Viagra pill but he refused it. And he managed to do a great job even without Viagra! Enjoy great hardcore photos and HD video! You can download it right now! Her untouched innocent pussy will blow your mind... Collapse

Zhopka Sladkaya:

It was a cold day when I met Alexandre a week ago and it was the day my life changed. I was waiting the tables at a restaurant when this tall, blond man walked in. He kept looking me over and finally when he left, he handed me a hefty tip and a card. My winning ticket!
Oh! By the way, I am Zopka, an 18-year-old virgin
... Read more >>>

Galinka Nagymellű

My name is Galinka. I'm 18 years old and I'm ready to prove my virginity. Why do I wanna do this? First of all for my boyfriend. I really like him, we have a serious relationship. I don't surrender to him, and he is always laughing when I tell him I'm a virgin. He doesn't believe me. The video I’ll make at the casting is a proof. My boyfriend is very cool, and I find him perfect. I always wanted to meet a guy, smart, determined, with whom I’ll never be bored. I had short relationships with the boys before, I was only kissing with them and nothing else. Victor, my boyfriend, he's very intelligent and discreet. Once I was... Read more >>>

Galinka Nagzmellu virgin

Little Ferguson - The virgin

...It was a hot summer day and she was wearing a short skirt with no panties. She was in her parents apartment and was on her hands and knees... Read more >>> washing the kitchen floor. She was alone with her fat boyfriend. She was shocked when he suddenly jumped on her back and held her with his hands. She tried to get him off but he was very strong and growled at her. Then she felt something wet and hot poking at her pussy. She wiggled her ass to stop him and then she felt it slip into her anus. He started pumping her very fast. As she told me the story, she blushed and admitted to me that it was a pleasant feeling. She knew what he was doing, because she had already seen this on video. After a minute she felt something hot squirt inside her. After her boyfriend got off of her, she stayed in that position for a few minutes while he licked her pussy. As a result of this shocking experience, she remained a virgin until now. She is OK now and was very willing to lose her virginity before my camera. Collapse

Anna Sanglante

The criminal grandfather and the virgin granddaughter.
Hi, my name is Anna Sanglante. I’m already 20 years old, yet still a virgin. Well, it is a though story that has happened to me in my childhood and ever since then I’m not speaking to any men, not seeking any attention from them. So, my story starts with when I was around ten years old or even ten to thirteen, I can’t remember the exact age, because I have almost erased this moment out of my life. But, I still can’t fully get away from it. One evening, a wonderful evening, as it started anyways, I had a dinner with my parents and my grandfather who was over at our place, and then my mother stayed in the kitchen washing dishes and my father went to his room for some business calls... Read more >>>

Kleine Punci - I've sold my virginity

She came to us only 2 days past her 18th birthday. As I slowly parted her legs I saw her plump virgin pussy lips. She shivered with fear and... Read more >>> excitement from the touch of my hands on her inner thighs. She had never let a boy see or touch her virgin pussy. I carefully parted her pink lips and saw her intact hymen. I had to suppress my strong desire to use a finger or my tongue between her lips to bring her to a climax. The thought of her losing her virginity had so strongly aroused this inexperienced girl that I knew that she could not resist me, but we had signed a contract... Collapse

Anastasia Seymour

She came to our studio just after turning 18. She agreed to pose in the nude for us, and do a solo video where she showed us her hymen, proving... Read more >>> her virginity. Then we convinced her to lose her virginity to our professional actor, Tommy.

Below you can see the screenshots from the video. Collapse
Tommy slowly and gently spread her legs and was the first man to see her hymen.
We decided to take her virginity with her in the doggy position. From our experience, this is the best position for her defloration. It is... Read more >>> less painful for the girl, and more pleasant for the man.
Anastasia was fascinated by watching Tommy ejaculate. Today was the first day of this virgin's sexual life, and we captured it all on video. You can download the full length video right now.

A comment from our member:

Anastasia is a "classic" beauty. She has a beautiful face. She should be a model. I believe that in your conversation, she talked about modeling. Her breasts are perfect. Her legs are perfect. I made some screen grabs and included them. They are similar to the still photos you posted.
The "story" that you told with both videos is excellent. The continuity is great. It was a love story and very emotional and erotic. It was the best that you have done so far.
I am very surprised how quickly she learned about how to suck his penis so fast. And the way she moved while sitting on him was very erotic. I loved it. I loved every second of it. Collapse

Rebecca Brown

Hi, my name is Rebecca Brown and until just a few days ago, I was a virgin. I have wanted to be a porn actress since I saw my first porn video three years ago at my schoolmate's house.
There were four of us girls hanging out after classes and enjoying the beers we had snuck from the refrigerator. We all became a little bit drunk and we started playing some sexy games. One of the girls had found a stash of her brother's porn DVDs, so we put one on the television, tuned the lights down low and began to watch. It was The Defloration of Tamara Uromy.
It was so fucking hot! My panties flooded with heat
... Read more >>>

Anna Lukina.

Hello, my name is Anna and I lost my virginity to Renato at Before meeting Renato I was a virgin in every sense of the word. I had never had a man kiss me before, I had never felt a man's hands on my body before and I had never experienced so much pleasure in the span of an hour as I did with Renato.
I come from a small town in Russia. Everything there is stuck in the past; from the clothes, to the music to antiquated traditions, we have no sights on the future, we are mired in the days of old. We see no reason to change and we expect others to change to our way of thinking or they are easily outcast.
I grew up in this town, accepting of the past and never wanting to change anything until I found a romance novel in the library. It was hidden I am sure to keep from impressionable eyes, but my eyes found it and the picture of the very large man with a flowing mane of hair on the cover with eyes of green and hair of spun gold. A young woman in a beautiful flowing dress was held tightly in his arms and her eyes held untold tales of passion. The cover drew me in and as I began to read of the scandalous behavior, I knew that I would have to continue to hide the book in the library and return often to continue to read it, had I taken it home, I would have been punished for my transgressions. I learned of love and sex in that book and of being free to choose who you fall in love with. I learned of sex outside of marriage and of passion I did not see in any of our citizens. In my heart, I wanted everything these people were free to have and I was no longer content to the future that was laid out in the past by my family.
... Read more >>>

Sun Huj v Chaj - Meet our first virgin from Asia.

She asked us not to mention where she lived. She is a very beautiful and polite teen aged girl. This is her first time posing before the camera... Read more >>> in the nude. We are sure that you will love seeing her unshaven pubic hair. It has been a year since we photographed her and she is still a virgin. Sorry guys, she said that she is waiting until she meets the man that she will marry. Sign up now to download her beautiful HQ pictures and HD video from our members' section. Like our other virgins, she was shot exclusively for our website. Collapse

Anna Netrebko.

I am Anna and I am a ballerina in Prague. I have been studying dance since I was two years old. I can remember playing dress up i my mother's tutu's as she was a ballerina too and her mother before her. My mother would affix her tutu to my little body and turn the phonograph on with classical dance music. At first, we moved together through the music and danced as one. As I got older, she began to teach me barre exercises and we practiced them over and over until they were perfect. When I was five, she began to teach me the steps of famous ballet pieces she had performed and by the time I was seven, my bones and my muscles became strong enough so that I could dance en pointe. I then began to have formal teachers and my father worked extra jobs and my mother took in laundry to clean for the rich people in town to afford my lessons.
I ate, breathed and slept ballet. No opportunity was left unturned and my parent's sacrifice was all for me to become a prima ballerina with the conservatory. At 11, I left my family home and entered formal study. Since then, my life has been hard study, both in academics as well as dance. I had no time for friends or boyfriends
... Read more >>>

Dunya Konoplya

Our latest virgin is a pretty country girl with long light brown hair. She was quite pleasant to work with, but she did not know how to pose... Read more >>> for the camera. She came to our studio, still a virgin so we had to take her. When I took off her panties, I saw the red blush on her cheeks. She was very shy and awkward, but let me do what I wanted. I spread her pussy lips and became the first man to see the small hole in her hymen. My dick got hard and I was filled with lust.
I wanted to test her sexual response. I probed her entrance with my tongue, lightly licking her cherry. She shivered with excitement and I could not stop myself. I licked harder and probed deeper with my tongue, but not tearing anything. She groaned and grabbed my head, lifting her pussy to give me better access. Within two minutes she came... it was incredible.
Let me tell you a little secret. She has already happily lost her virginity with our actor Tommy. During her first sexual intercourse with him she came four times! You will see this on our High Definition Video! Collapse

Nicole Birdman.

Hi, my name is Nicole Birdman and I am living my dream of being an erotic model. My virginity is quite prized in modeling, and I've done well to keep it; but to be honest, I almost lost my prized innocence in the days before I shot the video for
I may be a virgin, but I am no innocent. I like to watch porn at night before I go to bed and I masturbate regularly. I read erotic romance novels and I dream of the alpha male characters taking me roughly and fucking the living daylights out of me. As I pass by boys and men on the street, I assign them massive cocks and pass the time by imagining them breaching my virgin pussy. For a virgin, I am certainly most horny!
... Read more >>>

Lenochka Chernova

Hey there, I am Lenochka Chernova from Penza region of Russia. I grew up wild and free in this beautiful region that is beautiful but very boring!!! You may have by now seen my pictures. Am I not beautiful? I love my body, love my tits and my tight virgin cunt. This was my birthday gift to myself when I turned 18. Will you believe me when I tell you I am so shy I stammer when I meet new people? No? Well, it’s true. Come, read my story…
My father is a peasant who is also an alcoholic. My mother works at a local bar. I am the eldest daughter and have to look after my two younger sisters, both of them too studious for their own good. My mother sleeps late as she returns home after midnight sometimes. Breakfast is therefore my duty. Bloody Hell, I hate getting up early to make breakfast but I do it as I hate getting boxed by my father even more. I have had my ears boxed so many times it isn’t funny. One time he dragged me out of the house without any clothes on, while I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands. Why? Because I was getting dressed too slow. And my mother? She either does not hear or see anything
... Read more >>>

Cili Kocsonya - defloration

Hello, I'm back with positive attitude and ready to say goodbye to my virginity specially with such a porn star as Oliver, he is handsome, tall and has big dick, exactly the way I wanted him to be. He was also wearing a suit and looked like a guy from such porn movies. I couldn’t be more happier, even though I might not show this excitement on my face. Im more of an emotionless girl. I was really worried on the inside at the same time, because it’s not everyday that you lose your virginity.. When Oliver came in and sat down next to me, I was really overthinking it and couldn’t do anything with myself, until he touched my body and I knew then that I will capture the best moment of my life on camera with the man... Read more >>>


My name is Anna.
I am a virgin. I study in Paris, France. I’ve just turned 18. I voluntarily agreed that the moment of loosing my virginity will be photographed and videotaped. I am not a model and this the first time I am getting undressed before the camera. Maybe, it is stupid that I agreed but I need some money... Read more >>>


Nicollet had read an advertisement I had placed in a local paper and one day, she just showed up at our studios. Normally, a girl will contact me through e-mail, send me some pictures and we will carry on an e-mail conversation that may result in her as a featured virgin on our site. Sometimes we get referrals from adult entertainment agents about girls who want to get into the porn industry and since they are virgins, the agency sends them to me for possible inclusion on our site. A girl has to start somewhere when she wants to become a porn star and since being a virgin is not something a girl can remain on her quest to become a star, we get first crack at their virginity. I'm sure you've recognized some of your favorite porn girls who have go on to become HUGE porn stars. is the best place to get started and I am sure you will agree, the ONLY place to get started... Read more >>>

Mirella Csikis

Hello, My name is Mirella and I am just 18. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a model. I would dress up in my mother's gowns and pretend I was in a beauty pageant, complete with flowers I had picked from the garden and a tiara that was once part of a child's costume. I pictured in my mind walking down that runway to take my award. I perfected that pageant walk and that pageant wave and of course, I was most talented at blowing kisses to my adoring fans... Read more >>>

Marfa Piroshka

My name is Marfa and I was a virgin. But, here’s the thing; I’m married. Yes, married. And, yes, still a virgin.
At my 18 birthday party there was a lot of drinking. My father had invited some of his friends as well as many of my friends. We had good food, good music, lots of dancing and my friends were very generous with their gifts to me. The party lasted many hours and it seemed as if every man at the party wanted to get into my pants... Read more >>>

Alesya Gagarina

When the lights went on and the camera started filming, everything seemed to disappear. It was nothing short of magical.
Here I was, ready to be deflowered by this extremely handsome man. I knew he was quite a bit older than I, but his heart, it was his heart that beat young. I could tell from his warm eyes that he revered this occasion in my life as if he respected the task I had accepted. My heart continued to war with my senses knowing that this was the only option I had to save my family. I could not return to my home a failure, yet for me to lose my virginity in this manner was a personal failure. My parents would not approve of what I was going to do. My heart beat fast, partially from Tommy’s heated gaze and partially from the sacrifice that I was to make.
Tommy began with light touches and shy kisses. These were unexpected little treats like a chocolate after a celebratory meal
... Read more >>>

Mirelle Gathieu

Hello. My name is Mirelle and I am the latest girl to lose her virginity to Tommy Stone and the cameras at By now, I'm sure you've seen the video and read all about it from Tommy's point of view, and I've tried to be silent, but his description came no where near the accuracy of what really took place and I have to tell you the truth, the whole truth; every last single second that incredible cock of his was in my pussy.
All my friends know about Tommy and his incredible skill at deflowering virgins
... Read more >>>

Nicole Birdman - massage

Not all the girls are ready to loose their virginity in front of a camera! Watch the virgin girls getting oil massage right here, in the highest... Read more >>> resolution.
What you are about to see in the following videos will blow your mind away. Collapse

Alice Moss:

Hi! My name is Alice, just yesterday I turned 18 years old. I decided to come to my first casting of this kind that I would pose absolutely naked, because posing and modeling business is my long-standing dream. In fact, a few years ago, I began to slowly manage my dream. So, in addition to studying at a regular school, I went to a modeling school. There, at the modeling school, I was taught how to correctly pose and how to behave in front of the camera. Despite the fact that I really enjoyed studying at a modeling school, participating in fashion shows and acting for advertising youth clothes, this was for me too little. I understood that I could achieve much more. After all, I have great characteristics to become a real professional and very popular model... Read more >>>

Alice Moss virgin

Alina Redofed

Hello, I am Anna Redofed from Ukraine. I come from a large and happy family but unfortunately we are very poor. My father works on the land of another and my mother stitches at home. I have five sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Two of my elder sisters have been married. I have another sister elder to me and one younger to me at home.
As our cottage is very small, we were familiar with what happens between a man and a woman from childhood. Sometimes when our father came home after work, tired and sweaty, he would pull my mother from behind and they would rush off into their bedroom. Sometimes, the door would be left unlocked and I and my sisters would peep through the door. As my father pulled off my mother’s clothes, we too would get a thrill. She loved getting her breasts sucked by him and we too would rub our budding breasts in pleasure. As his cock stood straight, we would gasp, and as he rammed it into her, we too would feel the wetness between our legs. She would sometimes suck on his cock, making it big and I too dreamt of doing that one day with my husband, who would surely be much older, with a moustache and who would suck my virgin tits like my father did to my mother
... Read more >>>

Anna Palatka

When Anna contacted our studio wanting to do a shoot for us, there was no doubt that we were greatly intrigued. She was just about to turn 18 and had long thought about shooting a pornographic video. The beauty was just five years old when she viewed her first pornographic video and by the time that she reached puberty sexual thoughts had taken over much of her life. She was just the kind of sexy blonde that any man would desire.
Interestingly enough, despite a sexual passion that had been stirring in her for thirteen years, Anna had never allowed a boy to take away her innocence. She had thought about it a great deal. When she was 11 she was introduced to masturbation in a class on sexuality and spent that afternoon seeing how much pleasure she could bring to herself.
She went into her room and sat in her very comfortable chair, imagining the things that had been talked about in class. The images she had seen six years earlier came back to her mind and soon she found herself sliding her hand into her pants and enjoying the feeling of her fingers sliding over her innocent pussy
... Read more >>>
Hi, I am Anna Palatka from Russia. You must have already seen my casting video earlier where I explored my innocent pussy in front of you. It was such a beautiful experience for me that when I was asked if I wanted to give away my virginity in front of the camera, I eagerly said yes! This isn’t something dirty for me but a very rich experience…this is the first time a man is touching me… the first time I will see a man’s cock and be able to touch it… Come, be part of my adventure!
I have lived a very loving life with my parents. My father is a
... Read more >>>

Tieny Mieny:

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